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4 Axis CNC


Xiamen Uni Industry

Process: CAD/CAE/CAM-> Make Mould-> Die casting-> 4 Axis CNC-> Paint

---Xiamen Uni Industry Co., Ltd.

A multi-plant of Die Casting and Injection molder.We have full-service capabilities making us a one-stop die casting and molding source. We will serve as a single source of responsibility for everything from initial design assistance to precision machining, metal finishing and final assembly. We own a full service line for zinc die casting, from rawing castings, secondardy machining to Polish and plating, we all finish in our own factory. Which makes us easier to control the quality and meet the urgent request of some customers.We are committed to producing quality products, providing total customer satisfaction and delivering Chinese Made value, competitively and quickly. We look

forward to servicing your casting needs.

Main Tool List:

  • 8 set 800T~88T die-casting machines with cold room entrance of three different sizes: the large, the medium and the small size;
  • 2 set die-casting machines with partly hot room entrance;
  • 12 set 4 Axis CNC machine
  • 5 set injection molding machine
  • 8 set Vertical injection molding machine
  • 10 set Punch
  • 2 set Multiple spindle drill

----------------Uni Industry ----------------
Product design-> Mould design-> CAE check->Make mold-> Die Casting
Trim/Machining/Stamping-> Ppolishing-> Paint/Plating-> 4 Axis CNC
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